Pink Lights District




Every native of Red Ocean City knows that you have to be careful while partying in Pink Lights District. This temple of entertainment in the heart of the city seems pretty harmless at first (casual restaurants, casual bars, casual night clubs), but a lot of newcomers got dragged into places and experiences they would have prefered to avoid. Humans can be very creative in the matter of entertainment and most people can't tolerate what a few love. At least that's what they think until they get trapped in the well of all vices that is the district, until they start following the pink lights on their own...
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"Never again, never again" I told myself so many times
I won't be sain, I won't be safe I may even commit a crime
I lost myself that night
I followed the pink lights

Did it again, did it again, I can't switch off my addictions
It's here in my veins, here my brain, it messes with my convictions
This place is an endless well
I'm going mad I can tell

The first time they said "it's gonna be fun"
I had no idea of what had begun (they said)
"Beware of the Pink Light District"
But i just kept going

That's what it makes to you.
The people and the flashing lights, just another downtown.
Then watch the alleys around you
be seduced by the sound

How deep can you dig into humanity's darkest side
Take the right alley and follow the pink lights
On the surface everyone's life seems so idealized


released April 30, 2017
Written, composed, produced by SUNDANCE
Artwork by Emaytee

Left Hand Music 2017


all rights reserved



SUNDANCE Paris, France

2 french music producers, 1 fictional city, 8 districts : Mat & Stéphane invite you Red Ocean City!

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